The Argentinian collective “Serigrafistas Queer” is part of Documenta Fifteen in Kassel, Germany
Pía Dalesson

Documenta 15 will take place from June 18 to September 25, 2022, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world, which has been held every five years in the city of Kassel, Germany since 1955. Within this framework, the collective Serigrafistas Queer built their “cuis ranch” as a meeting place that will form part of the Biennial’s program of activities. A space from which to think, do, and create community, from art.

Presentación de las banderas durante el armado del rancho. © Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer
© Documenta fifteen: Conferencia de prensa, Performance von lumbung-Künstler Agus Nur Amal PMTOH, Auestadion, Kassel, 15. Juni 2022, Foto: Nicolas Wefers

Since May 2021, the collective -founded in 2010 in the city of Buenos Aires and within the framework of the LGBT pride marches- has been working on “Build to build, make a Rancho Cuis”, its project for Documenta 15, which for the first time is curated by a collective: Ruangrupa from Indonesia.

The cuis ranch is based on the curatorial premise of the Ruangrupa collective: lumbung. The lumbung is a place where the rice that is found in the villages of Indonesia is collectively conserved so that it lasts over time. Ruangrupa proposes a Documenta as a lumbung, working and collaborating with artists and artist groups to create resources, knowledge, experiences, and affections that last beyond the art biennial.

The project of Serigrafistas Queer o Cuises has as its axis two territories: Documenta 15 (Kassel) and Cañuelas (Buenos Aires) conceiving the construction of the ranch/shelter as being and spending time without productive purposes, Ruangrupa calls it “Nonkong”.

© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer
© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer

The cuis ranch is the possibility of exchanging knowledge by de-hierarchizing the measures, recognizing contradictions, nuances and complexities as part of the materials and knowledge.

In this edition of Documenta 15, the collective will settle for a month in Sanderhaus, a hostel-refugee center-bar located in the suburbs of the Bettenhausen neighborhood. Concerts, readings, workshops, and festivals are held there. Behind the building, there is a vacant lot with native fauna and flora where during the 100 days of Documenta 15, Serigrafistas Queer will build the cuis ranch.

© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer

30 flags are presented that are between 5 and 13 meters long, written with phrases designed and made by different local groups, among which: “Enough of Terricidio” by Native Women for Good Living, “Wishes slow tiny stories” by Editorial Caracol, and “It is with all species” by Vuelve el Monte are some of the phrases chosen by the groups that make up the ecosystem of activism and affection of Serigrafistas Queer.

© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer

Once the structure has been erected and the flags placed as a roof and shelter, Serigrafistas Queer together with other groups proposes a series of activities already available in the Documenta program.

About “Sustainability” in Documenta 15

In line with ruangrupa’s artistic concept and lumbung practice, the theme of sustainability is comprehensively addressed at Documenta Quince and is reflected in all aspects of the exhibition’s planning and implementation. In addition to addressing ecological factors, the focus is on cultural, social, political and economic aspects. For ruangrupa, togetherness and sharing, as well as the exchange of knowledge, are especially essential for sustainable development.

Sustainability at Documenta Quince is therefore a theme of artistic practice and an important feature of infrastructure planning, guided by the University of Kassel in developing a more sustainable exhibition, addressing all relevant fields, from mobility to gastronomy.

The stakeholders and partners that collaborate with documenta fifteen are called to incorporate sustainability strategies and reduction of the ecological footprint in their decisions and, consequently, to make responsible decisions. The aim is also to ensure that the theme of sustainability draws the attention of the fifteen documenta visitors.


Since November 2020, documenta quince is a member of the Action Network on Sustainability in Culture and Media (Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien), funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. The goal here is to learn from each other and advance this field as a whole through active exchange on a sustainable future for the cultural sector.

More of “Documenta fifteen” here.




© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer
© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer
© Gentileza Serigrafistas Queer
Documenta Fifteen, RuruHaus, Kassel, 2021. © Nicolas Wefers
Documenta Fifteen, Hessisches, Landesmuseum. © Nicolas Wefers
Documenta Fifteen, Friedrichsplatz © Nicolas Wefers
Documenta Fifteen, Artist Dan Perjovschi, Dibujos anti guerra © Nicolas Wefers
Documenta Fifteen, Hiroshima Ufer © Nicolas Wefers


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