Susana Cabrera
Photographs and Textil Art 2021

Argentinian contemporary artist, Cabrera portrays the Impermanence and the Aura of the elements. Her conception of beauty is closer to orientalism estheticism. By highlighting some aspects of nature she is also questioning anthropocentrism. Her works have a hybrid aspect, even indeterminate. Reminiscences of imperceptible movements materialize in the choice of materials, overlaps, and transparencies.

She participated with her works in the Festival de la Luz, Museo Caraffa, Museo de la Mujer, Museo Romulo Raggio, Museo José Hernández, BAphoto '19 and '20 (Argentina); Artrooms Edition, London; Collectiva Joalharia de Autor and Colorida Gallery in Portugal; Museo del Agua, Colombia 2019; ARTonPAPER '20 NY 2020, Pre Biennial World Textile Chile '20.

She attends Delia Cancela and Francisca Kwitel’s workshops. She studied with Ernesto Pesce, Jorge Gamarra, Eduardo Stupia, Mariana Schapiro, Eduardo Gómez, Laura Saud, and Francine Schloeth.

Her works have been exhibited in Argentina, Japan, Italy, and the USA.
She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Devenir VIII, 2019 Fotografi?a digital intervenida 72 x 52 cm