Susana Cabrera
Micro and Macro
Susana Cabrera Art. These photographs are part of a series in black and white called "Aura". Overlays and glazes, I contemplate with the same love and rigor the macro and the micro, the absolute and the mundane. They are flowers, but not always friendly flowers, soft and perfect. There is something disruptive in the image. Do they have hair? It's an animal? Two cactus flowers, one in its splendor and the other dehydrated. Two moments of a material body, with the desire to capture the soul. In a superposition of leaves, a flower makes its appearance. Through the different textures of each element, this flower opens up for us. The movement resembles something brought by water. The leaf, perforated, like a spider's web or a lace. The flower becomes a leaf and the leaf becomes only texture, touching the abstraction.