Maria Mariño

A few years ago, when I used to travel often to New York City for work, I

would spend hours wandering its streets. It was then when I took up street

photography. Street photography is now a part of every city I visit, and I have

taken up the same habit in Buenos Aires where I currently live.

When I first started, I photographed instinctively, without quite knowing

what drew me to take a particular picture. Over time, something changed. I

slowly started learning to observe, take my time, anticipate the photo which may

result and, quite simply, to enjoy the moment. A certain light, a special place or

a particular character catches my attention.


Maybe what attracts me is that time -or perhaps my mind- stops. Or that

making photos brings me a calmness and patience I lack in other moments.

Maybe it’s because it allows me to get away from reality and create my own

world, a fantasy world, a dream. Or perhaps it’s because I like to observe

people, predict what they will do, imagine their lives and the thousands of

possible lives that we all have. Who are these people? What are their stories? I

have the sense that no matter how surrounded by others we are, we remain

alone, which for me, far from evoking sadness, is what makes us unique and



I am probably a photographer for all of these reasons. The beauty of

seeing the extraordinary in everyday life, the mystery of people, the feeling of

being alone in this overcrowded world, and the silencing of my mind, even if

only for a moment.

Now, I feel my eyes have been transformed. That I see and recognize

light in a different manner. And that, just like in life itself, I am the same person

and photographer… but not.