Macky Hurrell
Magical worlds
This series of paintings was born as a tribute to nature and all living things. Includes frugal moments and portraits of diverse animals, crossed with plants and flowers. In some cases there are vestiges of reality and, in others, I paint magical atmospheres. Animals and their company, another fact that I consider sacred. The community and all relationships as a treasure. Many combinations are unlikely but, once again, I choose the unreal as a condiment. In the palette browns predominate, given by the asphalt paint, but with subtle color accompaniments. The image emerges clearly in my mind, but when I start working with the sandblasting, the turpentine puddle, the spatula, the cloth, the fingers, I feel, at times, that I’m about to lose it, or that it takes shape by itself. In some way, I manage to accompany this process so that, finally, it dries exactly as I imagined it. I want my fascination to expand, and contribute to recovering the respect we used to give to nature in past times. Or at least, it is a wake-up call for what we lose sight of every day.