Juan Carlos Urrutia
Affective geography
My migrant status has led me to experience a type of perception of reality that is transitory, where simple gestures acquire great resonance and the residual forms the poetic magma of life. I seek to document, reorganize and share my affective experience with the world, and consequently, I act sensibly in an attempt to understand and approach the network of concerns that goes through me. Amplitude of dialectical operations that become indications and registers of the living state of things, bodies and places linked with me; opening the way to an inevitable process of collecting material and data of a fragmentary nature. From there I delimit study perimeters and make surveys on which I establish a whole set of exploration and transit practices between the geo-affective and the self-referential, which allow me to get closer to the natural landscape, the environment and various aspects of history and Latin American culture. Joint axes that take me from the natural universe to the cultural world.