Carolina Simonelli
Controled (& modified) Atmosphere

I work creating scenarios that alternate between the limit of what exists and what are senses see in an altered way. The enclosing character of my work, at times scenographic, generates new, different, silent, noisy, and at times strange atmospheres. The color, roughly manipulated, in amounts that can go from a pinch to a large stain that fills and covers a large area, is a tool used to provoke different moods and internal movements that tune in with the atmosphere that the work proposes.

I have a close relationship with the materials I use, especially with color and paper, which I bridge with the act of chance. The random stain opposed to the carefully thought stain. The unexpected stain vs. the controlled stain, all are living together on the canvas. I outline in pencil first, and then my hands draw a second line by ripping papers, which I lay on the path of the first outline. During this construction process, some small accidents typical of the ripping act occurs, bringing a new character to that figure it contains. It can even provoke an unexpected gesture. I lose myself in this inexhaustible feeling of control and chance to stop and see the result. Study it. Feel it. Identify if the atmosphere was modified and read what the work returns me.

© CAROLINA SIMONELLI ON YOUR OWN I // Por tu cuenta I 2016/2019 100 cm x 70 cm