Carla Talopp (FR)
A transversal practice committed to the preservation of nature

The work of French artist Carla Talopp is a celebration of the power and beauty of life. Lost paradise or secret garden, familiar-looking shapes are born. Reflection of a feminine nature,
touching, sexual, the frontiers are lost between an elusive underwater world, sometimes disturbing, and an abundant, wild and free jungle. Both in her paintings and in her drawings she tries to restore by a
hyperesthetic impregnation - the exacerbation of all the senses - the experience of a fantasized memory. Colors overlap and vibrate to capture a moment of eternity
Carla approaches large-format paintings head-on, with awareness of her body that is completely involved in the vastness of the canvas, releasing the gesture.

Multidisciplinary artist explores design, engraving, photography (Studio Karma Milopp of family portraits that she develops together with her partner, photographer Thomas Millet), drawing, ceramics, wallpaper ... Passionate about travel, she made videos in India and Cuba for the Franco-German cultural channel Arte.
She is interested in crossing the imaginary border between contemporary art and decorative arts.

At the age of 17, she made a fresco for a Moroccan association that fights against the progression of the desert. This experience deeply marks her career and defines her commitment to preserving the nature that she celebrates in her works.

Installed with her family in the countryside of the Southwest of France, she creates her works immersed in a natural and inspiring environment. Her series of XXL paintings and the Polyptychs that evoke the changing world through human action could not have been conceived elsewhere.

Cuadríptico Matières, 2020 Acrílico sobre tela, formato final 120 x 320 cm (4 paneles 80 x 120 cm)