Anne Luz Castellanos (MX/AR)
Another life for a piano

As a child, I dreamed of getting the piano for Christmas, it never came…. When my parents finally bought a piano we were very excited, all the family was very happy because now we could practice and play at any time at home.
Time went by, we all grew up and nowadays the piano rests silent in the same place at the living room. Every now and then, when all my family gets together, the little ones use that piano.

Some time ago, a friend gives me pieces of a shattered old piano. I was so excited because it made me remember my Mexican childhood. I decided to work with the piano parts. Initially, I did not use the white keys because I suspected they were made of ivory. It made me shiver to know that I could have the remains of elephants in my hands. After, many months of working only with the black keys, I decided to use the white keys by way of protest. I thought that I could repurpose and transform these discarded, useless and forgotten objects into jewelry pieces that express feelings of duality: Life and Dead.

This collection is a tribute to those who are no longer here, the elephants, the old pianos. As a way of creating awareness and a challenging reflection.

Whoever acquires any of theses pieces, will be collaborating for the African Elephants conservation ( and for Katia’s therapies, a little girl with congenital cytomegalovirus.

© Damián Wasser
Damian Wasser