"The secret waiting". Text by Verónica Gómez for the Mariana Fadón exhibition at GC Espacio de Arte
A poem- a work: "Masaccio" by Julio Cortázar
Elina Carullo, Natural Fiction
Eve Pietruschi by Rebecca François. Curatorial Text
Curatorial text for the Santiago Aguirre exhibition at Gontran Cherrier
Writing for Sofia Gallo - "The Shapes of Time" by Eduardo Stupia at Coral Contemporary Gallery
Written by Sofía Jacky Rosell for the virtual exhibition "The fold of space" at Galería Quadro.
"A book is like a bridge." Interview with Vale Roquejoffre, from "Una mamá en colores"
Supporting argentine art with books. An editor´s secrets.
Text by Isabelle Pellegrini for the collective exhibition "Inanimate Objects"
Text for the exhibition MARISA INSÚA: Between lagoons and grasslands
Writing for the exhibition of the artists Santiago Carrera and Víctor Enoc in Pagana Casa de Arte
Writing by Verónica Gómez for the exhibition "The adversary" at Fundación Klemm
Writing by Paola Calcerano about the exhibition "Danger of collapse"
Exhibition writing by Daniel Joglar for the exhibition “Nerviosdemetal.38.artilugio.Sí" of Sergio Colavita Lacoste at Pagana Casa de Arte
«Anne Luz Castellanos / Macky Hurrell: Tribute»
Marco Raparelli. Drawings and words about contemporary art
Phobia or euphoria for the art market?
Sound art 
David Shrigley's Little distractions
Tracey Emin
The contemporary
Through the work of Anatol Knotek