How to visit a museum with children and (not) fail in the attempt …
Estefanía Radnic

There’s nothing I like more than visiting museums and going through exhibitions with my two daughters (or with one of the two, because it’s easier in general). Of course there are always more comfortable and easy plans but the effort is worth it.

Here are some tips that can be useful when undertaking any artistic-cultural program:

-Tell them a previous entertaining story that has to do with what they are going to see, something that catches and intrigue them awakening their curiosity to discover, the curiosity of the children has no limits!

-Set up a program after the museum that hooks them, for example have an ice cream, have a snack in a place that you like or go to the square if the weather is right. It is also good to make a break to recover energy in the museum bar or go to the shop and buy a little notebook or a pencil might be exciting! Don’t forget to take a look to the books, many times in museums there are books that you will not find in bookstores. Another option is to bring something tasty and improvise a picnic (on the stairs of the MNBA we did it sometimes or in a nearby green space).

-Join any educational program at the museum, a visit or workshop, in general it is fun to share the experience with other children. I highlight one of the many proposals that exist in Buenos Aires: Fundación Proa organizes Families in Proa, all the space dedicated to workshops and activities for children in relation to the exhibition in course (the next edition 

-If there is no activity programmed by the museum or if it does not coincide with our agenda (which happens many times) you can improvise some! Carrying a notebook and some pencils is always a good idea and we can propose an activity: choose a work from each room and get inspired to draw a picture. Another option for the older ones is to ask them to take pictures, in this way they will select what catches their attention. In general, is a good idea to keep them « busy » and guide the visit.

-Post-visit is always productive to do a quiz test to share and discuss ideas (even a few days later because it is important to exercise memory and that day better not exhaust them!): Which is the museum / art center we’ve visited? How is the building? What is the name of the artist or the artists who exhibited? What was shown in the rooms? What did you like the most? What did you not like? Why? …

-Inviting some friends might add  lots of emotion to the program.

Be encouraged and get ready!

Exhibición Cindy Sherman y Richard Prince, Malba © Estefanía Radnic
Exhibición Diane Arbus, En el principio, Malba © Estefanía Radnic
L’Opera, Lille, Francia © Estefanía Radnic
Exhibición Irene Kopelman, Malba © Estefanía Radnic
Verboamérica, Malba © Estefanía Radnic
Esfera Azul de Le Parc, CCK © Estefanía Radnic
Exhibición Irene Kopelman, Malba © Estefanía Radnic
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