Marketing in Cultural Industries: we introduce you to SIMONETTA
Rita Maschwitz

What generates the success of a cultural space, a museum, an exhibition?

If we carry out the task of managing a place, of administering a cultural brand or in the case of the artist his own profile, we have to take into account a fundamental aspect: the audience. People who arrive, who have questions, who want different things.

Objectives, KPIs, planning, identity, feedback, audience development, engagement.


Numbers that can scare many, but with a little information we can use them to grow, expand and learn more about our audience.

That is why we introduce you to Simonetta MKT, a Marketing agency with which we will be presenting different topics that also serve the cultural industries.

Sabrina Romiti tells us more about Simonetta:

“We were born as a marketing agency in 2013. We are three partners: Daiana Karszenbaum, Judith Zapesochny and Sabrina Romiti that we always knew that brands have their own qualities. Knowing them and offering them something according to what they are and what they can / want to be is our responsibility.

But during these 6 years we grew, mutated and know that with that alone, today, it is not enough.

Our commitment is also with what we believe should be the way to sell or position a product, in a responsible, honest and transparent way.

We have a strong conviction that the word builds seriously, both inside and outside the company.

We like to immerse ourselves inside the companies to make noise, we promote the critical look in its members towards their work practices, we give rise to difficult conversations with the objective that they find their weaknesses, their mistakes, their virtues and so they can implement changes that deserve the effort, the resources and give positive results.

In moments where everything happens too fast, we propose to take the time to listen and take firm steps to move forward from a morally responsible place that promotes business continuity. ”

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