II “Arts, Management, and Sustainability” Seminar
Pía Dalesson

During October 2022 we held the II Seminar on “Arts, Management and Sustainability”. People from different fields, such as music, theater, and childhood, gathered around this theme to think, debate, and co-create new visions based on art.

It is difficult to put into words what one goes through when something is apprehended. On the teacher’s side and on the student’s side. In mixed virtual-in-person learning, we focused on contemporary practices, with permanent jumps to the past that would allow us to review antecedents, and the future, to think about our own cultural practices.

It is evident, as Leff says, that we are not in an environmental crisis but in a crisis of civilization. From the awareness of our place as a species, our space in this city, and our relationship with minorities, among other issues, is that we can project positive changes and values ??that reflect our cultural organizations.

© Comunidad PAN

Some concepts explored were: the “naturacultura” axis, human and non-human species, the elements (earth, water, air), personal experiences, living material, the city with its multiple problems, inclusion, childhood, etc.

As part of this program, we also made a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. There, together with Solana Cecotti from the education area, we visited some works by contemporary artists: Delcy Morelos, Mónica Girón, Mariela Scafati, and Eduardo Basualdo.

The in situ experience was extremely important to situate the body and cross that experience with the concepts under study.

Permanent debate and reflection as an exercise are fundamental, as well as the connection with one’s own experience since it is the only way to empathize with problems that are so ‘big’, common to all humanity, but for that very reason foreign.

© Dan Perjovschi
© Graziela Kunsch
© Mariela Scafati
© Comunidad PAN. Imagen: Susana Cabrera
© Comunidad PAN. Bandejas de tierra de Louisa Penfold
© Laura Fantini
© Remida

* The Arts, Management, and Sustainability Seminar is part of the University Training in Cultural Projects and Production in Cultural Spaces of the Paco Urondo University Cultural Center (CCUPU), belonging to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires.


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