World Photography Day / Contest: “The kitchen and you” 
Estefanía Radnic

On August 19, 1839 Luis Daguerre presented the DAGUEROTYPE to the French Academy of Sciences, considered the first photographic camera in history. That day, 181 years ago, the French government bought the patent and released its use, paving the way for the universalization of the photographic technique.

To celebrate it, together with GONTRAN CHERRIER Art Space and the photographer Santiago Carrera, from Tienda Quorum, we launched the PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST: “The kitchen and you”. In PAN we are interested in weaving transversal and global networks, expanding the artistic field and expanding the audience.

We want to know your kitchen, recipes and secrets. Tell us a culinary story.

To find out how to participate, enter @gontrancherrierar /

It is an AMATEUR contest. Everyone can participate with a photo taken with a cell phone or camera. The contest closes on Monday, August 31 at midnight. We will publish the winner on Monday, September 7.

Send us your photo to

Participate and win a French prize!

We share with you some of the photographs that you sent us.

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ph Milton Ekman
ph Natalia Rubinsztain
Ph Nadia Russian
ph. Lucas Condori y Guillermo Gallardo
ph. Silvia Giovannacci
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