“Permanent sunrise” by Alejandro Propato, his land art work now at Parque de los Niños, Buenos Aires
Pía Dalesson

This intervention in space, which was presented in Denmark, Sydney and Perth (Australia), is part of the contemporary art movement called land art, where the work is designed based on its participation in nature.

“One of the goals of my work as a visual artist is to bring art closer to the place of social encounter given by public spaces. As well as highlighting the beauty of space, ”says Alejandro, architect and visual artist, who develops projects where large-format installations interact with nature and its elements.

In this case, the work is related to the horizon offered by the immense Rio de la Plata.

Permanent Sunrise, as the name implies, tries to represent a sunrise using geometries and materialized colors with lines of yellow, orange and red colors.

Once the public approaches the work, they can travel freely inside, being able to live the experience of being inside a sunrise. The focus is on fostering a sensory experience.

Photographs of previous installations show the spectacular sense of previews projects.

 Inverse Autumn installation is a tree intervention, where the artist works with the physical manifestation of the temporality that is expressed with the change of the seasons. This work was presented in Buenos Aires (2008) and in the Amsterdam Museum Square (2010), where it won the tijdelijke kunstproject prize (temporary art project) awarded by the city of Amsterdam to works in public spaces.

Art of the beaches, which has been presented in different cities, also makes use of the beach, which with its elements forms the work. Its characteristic is temporary and crossing.

In all its interventions, color plays a fundamental role. Our perception and our mood vibrate before the proposed game.

It is then this journey, suggested from materials and light, that makes us enter into a sort of unexpected travel through the perception of our body in space.

* Permanent Sunrise – Children’s Park – City of Buenos Aires – 9/21 to 12/8 2019

© All images courtesy of the artist Alejandro Propato

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