Activities for children with art. A selection from our editorial team.

There are so many activities to do with children and art. In these winter holidays we find various proposals. This selection is a small sampling of what we share with our families, times of getting dirty, enjoying and being at home, with art.

Great Land art Activity «Earth trays» by @ louisa.penfold in Art Play Children Learning

  1. Pick plant and vegetables elements that we find in the ground: twigs, seeds, flowers, fruits, we also find feathers!

2. Arrange the soil on a source, tray, or container

3. Composition of the work

4. Since it is an ephemeral work of art it is important to take photos!

Stencils are always a good option. In this case with paint splattered with a toothbrush.

We also propose you to depart “From the stain” to see what awakens your imagination as Nicolás Castelo in Art Boys proposes.

We continue with proposals that make up Nature: Mandalas. On a sheet that they no longer use or directly outdoors. Once this idea is activated, it never stops! If you put it together on a sheet of paper, you can see how it changes over the days.

You do not have brushes? No matter, use twigs, sponge, kitchen items. Also use your imagination to find alternatives.

Homemade monoprints

You only need a matrix-surface that you are going to use to ‘print’ (it can be a cardboard, a wood with plastic wrap, a tupper cover), sheets where you are going to leave your print and paints. You can put the painting in little jars and with brushes you can draw the design you want. You can add water with a sprinkler to get effects. If you do it on film you can easily erase it and start again.

A good artist book can be a great inspiration. It’s great to tell  children about the artist. They love to know details and feel that what they are about to do connects in some way. Although the result has nothing to do!

Here, this fantastic Frida Kahlo’s book illustrated by @bejaminlacombe ed. @albinmicheljeunesse, written by @plumederossignol

Frida had an interesting life and a personality that gave her wings to fly with her imagination when she spent long periods in bed: painting as liberation.

Libro de Frida ilustrado por @bejaminlacombe. ed. @albinmicheljeunesse, escrito por @plumederossignol

Filippa self-portrait with recycled materials and plant elements.

In the manner of @jean.dubuffet. Graphics and flat colors.

Don’t forget to add recyclable objects. They give them the possibility to think beyond the visual, play with their figure, size and invent possible colors for the final result.

A 3d robot can be a very good idea.

Touring Buenos Aires City through art: the “Casa Rosada” with recycled materials and The Planetarium in the colorful and naive way of the artist Aniko Szabo.

The ideal sample at home, we were inspired by this idea from the great French illustrator Herve Tullet installed in New York. @hervetullet @expo_ideale_herve_tullet.

Hervé Tullet’s books are unmissable!

A relationship that stimulates creative processes