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"A book is like a bridge." Interview with Vale Roquejoffre, from "Una mamá en colores"
Anne Luz Castellanos: a project that unites contemporary jewelry and books
Interview with Melisa Boratyn, member of Homenajes Urbanos, the collective that brings contemporary art to the streets
“Ensayos para vivir en paz” by Martín Bonadeo
A soft architecture. Elian Chali at the Museo Moderno
Museo de Coghlan: Primera Acción/Exhibición de Gráfica Ferroviaria Coghlanense
Chicos al arte: the art of weaving emotions - Louise Bourgeois
Chicos al arte: Let’s play with the sculptures of Le Corbusier!
Chicos al arte: rediscovering the work of Claude Monet