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"Reveladas" Fotografías de Marisa Bonzón
"Arte en juego" continues at Fundación Proa: an exhibition to celebrate and have fun.
Tinta sobre papel. Derivas gráficas de la Nueva Figuración en el Museo Nacional del Grabado
David aiu Servan-Schreiber´s insight on global warming
"Devenir Toro", the photographic exhibition by Andrés Calamaro at the Azur Gallery in Madrid.
Pampa Collection: a step towards the digitization of Argentine artistic heritage
Oscar and Pablo Pintor: the genealogy marked by the pulse of the image
Creating Worlds: an interdisciplinary dialogue between 50 female artists in Proa
“An so on to Infinity” Installation by Valentina Berthelon at Kastanien, Berlin
Immersive Van Gogh in a historic building in Toronto, a show that manages to reinvent during Covid.