QIXUAN LIM (also known as QuimmySimmy), the young artist from Singapore who makes the strange a pop hit
Pía Dalesson

Seeing for the first time the work of QIXUAN LIM (aka QuimmySimmy) can generate different reactions. This young 28-year-old artist born in Singapore knows that. Far from backing out, this characteristic of her work is explored through the different pieces and communication channels.

She defines herself as “a lover of all things creepy and cute” and even makes a call to the viewer: “Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy.”

Her sculptural pieces recreate different foods in a very particular way: pieces of sushi, ice cream, small cans, have inside them human miniatures, faces, arms, eyes. “Impression” would be one of the words to define some of these pieces, but also ‘tenderness’ to see the baby pink faces of the small macarons typical of French pastry.

Her technique is perfect. Nothing is left to chance, everything is calculated, polished, cut, with a methodical obsession.

The bamboo steamer with faces wrapped in oriental mass in the manner of “dumplings” synthesizes many cultural issues. We are a culture that eats meat from different animals. Ready, wrapped, also in disguise. These mini characters question us in their skin color.

Transparent and pink containers that mimic the most tender and childish fantasy world of a birthday table.

With shows in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Tokyo, Quimmy grows in sales and exhibitions. Her sense of humor and the joy she conveys make her a “pop” contemporary artist who will continue to grow and amaze us with her different creations.

@ All images courtesy of the artist QIXUAN LIM

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