What is PAN?
Pía Dalesson

PAN is a visual arts platform created in Argentina, which aims to draw networks at a global level. It is a public space of reflection and discussion.

We are passionate about sharing selected projects produced by established and emerging artists. Apart from giving visibility to local and international inspiring artists, we produce editorial content such as interviews, studio visits, book reviews, exhibitions, and museums reviews etc.

PAN is a permeable community without borders or limits. An inclusive space to dialogue that intends to cross borders.

“Art for PAN is not a product, but a conversation, a good to be shared”

© Iván Argote, Desert X, Galerie Perrotin & Galeria Vermelho

PAN produces its own editorial content through the collaboration of a team of professionals, giving work to young Argentines who live in Buenos Aires and other parts of the world. Thanks to our team, we show the best manifestations of local and international art.

Contemporary art erases the limits of disciplines. That is why we include content about gastronomy, literature, cultural marketing, and other disciplines that enrich visual arts.

We are looking for participative works around the world, Art and Sustainability projects and we are especially interested in the Education of the youngest ones, convinced of the transforming power of Art.

PAN is a seedbed of projects under construction. This section will allow artists to show their projects, make them visible in a community of people related to culture, giving them the possibility to sponsor them and make them grow.

Through a curated selection of images and / or videos and a short text, we propose this showcase of contemporary artists and their projects under construction.

We believe in alliances, for this reason, we entrust the agenda to DAQUE, choosing the best local and international exhibitions.

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© Images: Peeta; Robyn Lea Photography; Candy Chang; VINCE-Various&Gould Después de Marx © Irene Müller Lohidoy; Common Cause Foundation

Illusion and Essence, in the work of Luciana Rondolini