[Video] Priscila Rezende – Nau Frágil

Originally performed in the city of Poznan, Poland, the work Nau Frágil draws a parallel between different historical moments, past and present, but which harbor rough similarities. The artist remains islanded next to a boat full of red roses, surrounded by white thorned roses and between them a minimum space that allows the artist only to walk around the boat.
This island is surrounded by a wire that recall places of deprivation of liberty, such as concentration camps, prisons or geographical borders. From within this island, the artist offers the roses from the boat to the audience and invites them to reflect on their relations with these lives that captives or in search of refuge have succumbed between the African continent; the Americas, the artist’s birthplace; and Europe, the place where the work was carried out.

© Courtsey of the artist Priscila Rezende/ foto Adam Ciereszko y M.Zakrzewski

Priscila Rezende – Nau Frágil, 2019 from Priscila Rezende on Vimeo.

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