“Blanes Viale dreamed here” – An exhibition by Pablo Uribe
Irene Müller Lohidoy

Curator: Carlos Capelán

National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV), Montevideo, Uruguay

08.11.2018 – 03.03.2019

It is the first time, in its more than one hundred years of life, that the National Museum of Visual Arts gives the entire space to one artist. The challenge was assumed by the Uruguayan Pablo Uribe, who puts in dialogue the most representative works of his twenty years of works with the collection of this institution, presenting his own version of the museum.

In an international context of great questioning of its most intrinsic foundations, museum institutions reflect on their practices seeking to redefine their roles and purposes.

In this case, the artist embarks on a conversation that seeks to rethink the elements with which the museum operates. The exhibition deconstructs the museum machinery intervening the architectural space, the curatorship, the museography, the criteria of the collection and the routes among others.

In his evolution, Pablo Uribe makes use of quotation and appropriation, questions the idea of the original and the copy, asks himself about the figure of the artist. We are immersed in a game of infinite reflections that reflect on the concepts of representation.

Under the same logic with which the ready-made separates the object from its usual meaning, “Here dreamed Blanes Viale” invites us to be supposed witnesses of a nonspecific space of dislocations and ambiguities dreamed by someone else. An uncertainty full of poetry invades the museum, once the guarantor of all the certainties of art.

Citas citables, 2018
Instalación «site specific»
Medidas variables
Foto: Rafael Lejtreger

Más de 40 obras con sus respectivos marcos, en su mayoría pertenecientes a la colección del Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, son dispuestas en formato decimonónico. Todas las obras que integran esta instalación tienen en común servir de referencia y anclaje al resto de las obras presentes en esta exposición.

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