Eleven artists of the contemporary local scene portray the experience of the (a)temporal and interrogate the ways in which the imaginary and memory are constructed

“The fragility of time” is presented as part of the PAC Project of the Gachi Prieto Contemporary Latin American Gallery. Until February 15, the work of numerous contemporary artists can be visited in this exhibition: Paz Brarda, Adrián Castillos Quintela, Mariano Combi, Ariel Di Marco, Carlos Díaz País, Ciro Fagioli, Basilia Pérez Obregón, Paula Pinedo, Esteban Posca, Natacha Tellez, Florencia Valente. With curatorship of Paola Calcerano, Verónica Lanata and Julieta Zabalaga.

Ariel Di Marco, Reloj, Parafina, sierra de corte, rodamientos, plomada, hierro, arena, MedidasVariables, 2020/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto

The fragility of time brings together a set of works by eleven artists from the contemporary local scene, which portrays the experience of the (a) temporal and interrogates the ways in which the imaginary and memory are constructed.

Appealing to the fragility that prevails in both fields, the selected images aim to subvert the spatio-temporal coordinates by placing the viewer in front of the multiplicity of times.

The creative processes reveal unique elaborations, thus the clock-object of A. Di Marco receives the audience, presenting the random fall of the metal and its concomitant loudness as the candle melts with the passing of the minutes. Adrián Castillos Quintela, with the registration of a body in tension driven to the nonsense of mechanical work, manages to fatigue the viewer. The mere insistence generates a circuit of weariness stopped in time.

Other artists take a tour of themes inherent in an introspective time, thus inaugurating a past that is resignified in the present. Esteban Posca’s images evoke the memory moved towards space without time. The reminiscences of childhood as borderless images that are housed in our memory are worked by Paz Brarda. While the paintings by Florencia Valente give a color and space treatment that cannot be tempered in his work.

The exhibition will be open to the public until February 15, in Uriarte 1373, Palermo, from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Carlos Díaz País, Sombra, Instalación, 2020/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
Adrián Castillos Quintela, Tierra, Acción Performática, registro en video full HD_17’10’’, 2017/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
Adrián Castillos Quintela, Pared, Acción Performática, registro en video full HD_38’45’’, 2018/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
Ciro Fagioli, SinTítulo, Grafito Sobre Papel yTanza, 48,6x42cm, 2019/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
Esteban Posca, Sed10, Resina y óleo, 42x42cm, 2019/ © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
Paula Pinedo, ConstruccionN°1.Antisinfonia, Circuitos Electrónicos Sonoros y Lumínicos Realizados En Papel, 20x80x80cm, 2019 / © Gentileza Gachi Prieto
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