Contemporary surrealism: Gaia Barnatan and his digital collages
Pía Dalesson

The contemporary artist Gaia Barnatan surprises with her digital collages where surrealism is presented in a contemporary and fresh version.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Gaia Barnatan, aka Liquid Pink, sells her prints worldwide. He has 22.3K followers on Instagram. Through his original images, she creates combinations of different types, always with a surreal dye.

Exteriors combined with interiors, geometric figures in natural spaces, impossible situations become possible. A lemon squeezing does the times of the Sun in a magical sunset, a stairway to the starry sky invites you to dive into the night. Scenarios that relax the look through a subtle palette. Fish the sun or make candy cotton with pink clouds. Walk among the clouds or the desert dunes.

Decontextualized objects find a new place, they fit perfectly into a new situation as if they had always belonged to that space.

Recently she made the cover art for the German magazine “Sueddeutsch Magazin” and quickly positioned as a new generation of artists where social networks and communication are a fundamental part of the career. We will see if the invention and quality stay over time to become part of the art world.

© All images 2019 Gaia Barnatan

Anish Kapoor “Surge”, by Susana Cabrera