GONTRAN CHERRIER: A space where contemporary art and French gastronomy interact.

A year ago, the French boulangerie and pâtisserie franchise of artisan production and premium quality was installed in an emblematic corner of the Palermo neighborhood, in front of the Armenia Square: GONTRAN CHERRIER.

A project that made the dream of two of its partners come true, who lived in France for many years and who, when planning their return to Argentina, felt the need to share that French way of life that they would miss so much and that identifies with a gastronomic culture of great quality and refinement.

The process to acquire the franchise was long and was the end of several years of searches, armed with dossiers, training and meetings that began while living in France.

Once in Buenos Aires, they met Gontran Cherrier, a renowned master baker of French origin, cookbook author, television presenter and businessman who chose the Buenos Aires city as the first branch in Latin America to disembark with the exclusive boulangerie that he carries its name (and it has more than 45 locations around the world). From there, they formed a team and everything flowed naturally.

With the intention of giving an artistic and cultural stamp to the French boulangerie, the GONTRAN CHERRIER Art Space was created to explore the intersections between art and gastronomy. The space works in partnership with the PAN Comunidad de Artes to carry out the curation, production and management of exhibitions and periodic artistic actions. The idea is to give visibility to the artists who are part of this arts community, a hotbed of projects under construction. Also carry out projects that weave networks and exchanges with the French community in Buenos Aires.

After the long months of the pandemic, the space is reopened with the exhibition “Multiple temporalities. A metaphysical deconstruction of existence. ” by the artist Santiago Aguirre curated by Estefanía Radnic and produced by Pía Dalesson and Rita Maschwitz.

Santiago Aguirre is part of “La panera”. A section of the platform where artists can showcase their projects and get closer to new art collectors. It is a meeting point for artists of all disciplines. A virtual space that allows them to disseminate their work with the possibility of generating sponsoring actions, growth and the holding of exhibitions and workshops.

Taking advantage of the wide open-air space on the terrace, the inauguration will take place next Wednesday, November 25 at 7:00 p.m., to visit the exhibition, toast and have the opportunity to chat with the artist with a view of the sunset.

The event will respect social distancing protocols and relevant prevention measures to adapt to the new normal.

GONTRAN CHERRIER Art Space. Malabia 1805. Corner of Costa Rica.

Sunday to Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. – Thursday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to midnight.

© Gontran Cherrier Argentina
© Gentileza PAN Comunidad de Artes y Gontran Cherrier Argentina
© Obra de Santiago Aguirre/ Gentileza PAN Comunidad de Artes y Gontran Cherrier Argentina
© Santiago Aguirre en su taller/ Gentileza PAN Comunidad de Artes y Gontran Cherrier Argentina
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