Anne Luz Castellanos: The memory of tea
Estefanía Radnic

Anne Luz Castellanos lives  in Buenos Aires since 2010 estfar from her native country, Mexico. He found in tea a way to feel closer to his own, a cup of tea accompanies those solitary moments of work in his workshop, meetings with friends and also deeper and more intimate talks. Tea allows you to channel that nostalgia that causes uprooting. In a meticulous way Anne Luz keeps the tea bags, and even the loose strands, as testimonies of those moments and transforms them into delicate pieces of jewelry. He articulates them with supports in silver, silk thread, sometimes he prints them texts and others he allows the threads to dry to print spots and suggestive shapes. They are objects full of dense and subtle meanings that crystallize the artist’s daily experiences.

Abstract shapes and swirls in graffiti spring from the wall in new Peeta murals