THE SUBTLENESS OF MEMORY by Anne Luz Castellanos at Espacio de Arte GC | Contemporary jewelry
Estefanía Radnic

We share the curatorial text of this beautiful exhibition that we put together last Monday. It was a great team work. The opening will be on Thursday the 14th September on the terrace of the bakery in Palermo.

Anne Luz Castellanos is a French-Mexican jeweler who began working with musical instruments several years ago, starting with a smashed old piano that a friend offered her to reuse. It meant for her a way to reconnect with memories of her childhood, those piano lessons she shared with her three sisters in Mexico.

This is how Anne Luz is encouraged to create pieces with keys, wood and mechanisms of this piano, even overcoming the dilemma of using ivory white keys. He decided to give new meaning to these animal remains. True artistic objects that he builds like a puzzle and transforms into delicate pieces that use the body as a support.

In this exhibition, we present a series of abstract pieces in dialogue with other figurative pieces, playful characters that emerged during the overwhelming period of the pandemic. A connection with the children’s literary world in that stage of absences and distance. With this same spirit and in a quest to imagine stories, the illustrations were born. As an appendix to the pieces of jewelry, in the collages the piano keys come to life and inhabit this space.

We also include the piece “Leonor” conceived by the artist as part of a tribute to the Mexican publisher Porrúa. Of great beauty and subtlety, this piece joins the others as it combines music and literature, rootlessness and nostalgia, constants in his work.


The photo in focus | Retiro – Buenos Aires