"Reveladas, Fotografías y temporalidades" by Marisa Bonzón in the CC Borges
Variations on ceramics: conversation with Víctor Enoc
Paz Pereyra. Profile of an artist in the spiritual arena.
Italian design. The beauty of everyday life between Italy and Argentina | National Museum of Decorative Art, Buenos Aires.
All this was the art of the 90s in Buenos Aires | Colección Fortabat
Labyrinth: a metaphor for the complexity of life? | Proa Foundation, Buenos Aires
THE SUBTLENESS OF MEMORY by Anne Luz Castellanos at Espacio de Arte GC | Contemporary jewelry
Susana Cabrera y Marisa Sosa exhiben "Encuentros y Extravíos", la muestra 117 de la Línea Piensa en el Centro Cultural Borges
Marcos López: Classic and Modern at the Borges Cultural Center
Metaphors and architecture: Luciana Levinton exhibition in Givry, France
"Reveladas" Fotografías de Marisa Bonzón
Anne Luz Castellanos: a project that unites contemporary jewelry and books
PAN is at "Mercado de los Carruajes" with contemporary artists's works
"Arte en juego" continues at Fundación Proa: an exhibition to celebrate and have fun.
Las manos que piensan, una exposición imperdible este verano en el sur.
Highlights ARTEBA 2021
"A book is like a bridge." Interview with Vale Roquejoffre, from "Una mamá en colores"
A poem- a work: "Masaccio" by Julio Cortázar
Top 10 BA Photo 2021
"The Secret Waiting" Exhibition by Mariana Fadón at the GC Art Space
Tinta sobre papel. Derivas gráficas de la Nueva Figuración en el Museo Nacional del Grabado
New technologies in art, the experience of PAN Community of Arts in the radio program "Mejor te cuento"
Pedro Roth: "I am closer to glory than to success"
"Devenir Toro", the photographic exhibition by Andrés Calamaro at the Azur Gallery in Madrid.
A cry for survival: the 13th Shanghai Biennale of Contemporary Art
Collective exhibition "Artists of La Panera. A constellation of ideas" at Espacio de Arte Gontran Cherrier
A soft architecture. Elian Chali at the Museo Moderno
Gontran Cherrier Art Space re-opening
STATUS OF PERMANENCE: interview with Mariana Ticheli.
Pampa Collection: a step towards the digitization of Argentine artistic heritage
The artist Mariana Fadón incorporated her drawings into YAUZO TEA
Oscar and Pablo Pintor: the genealogy marked by the pulse of the image
Nicolas Knepper and French pâtisserie
Mina's Stone "Cooking for artists"
These horses just need to take a deep breath and whinny! Interview with Argentine sculptor Vivianne Duchini
"Suspended Nature", photographs by Santiago Carrera in Switzerland
Quimmy Shimmy, success of the weird
Dinner with Jackson Pollock
Unique pieces by Carolina Iotti
"The cookbook", colors and textures in the photographs of Lucía Fainzilber
Chloe Wise: Food-object-woman
Salvador Dalí: Les dîners de Gala
Creating Worlds: an interdisciplinary dialogue between 50 female artists in Proa
Learn more about RECREO, the FOLA podcast: iconic Latin American photographers and contemporaries in dialogue with Agustina Rinaldi
Laura Viñas: "My work is inevitable"
The art of the possible, the art of the impossible: last days of the 11th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Berlin:
Sofía Gallo: sensitive color, intuitive painting
The Art Break, an oasis in the middle of the weekly routine
Carla Talopp: an art that transcends borders
“An so on to Infinity” Installation by Valentina Berthelon at Kastanien, Berlin
Candelaria Palacios' line and its link with the universe.
Immersive Van Gogh in a historic building in Toronto, a show that manages to reinvent during Covid.
VIDEO. We get into Eve PIETRUSCHI's studio in Nice
Cultural industries and pandemic: Maga Altman's (MP Producciones) shares her point of view from the role of the producer: Expectations, reality, changes and adaptation
[Video] Priscila Rezende - Nau Frágil
Fund raising by Sarah Galer: stories of a journey through Parisian and Buenos Aires museums.
12º Bienal do Mercosul. Femenino(s). Visualidades, acciones y afectos
Through simple and direct phrases Gastón Rosa spreads his messages around the city of Montevideo
Tribute to Sergio De Loof
arteBA Special Edition on Artsy. Art for young collectors
Drama texts contest: "Scenes of confinement"
Pauline Dufour: reality or fiction?
Lauren Klarfeld. "Last words for the road": messages to be received and continue their way
“The fragility of time” in Gachi Prieto Contemporary Latin American Art
Massimo Vitali, an observer of human behavior
“Soplo” Ernesto Neto in Malba
CAMPO Artfest 2019, Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay
Anish Kapoor "Surge", by Susana Cabrera
Contemporary surrealism: Gaia Barnatan and his digital collages
Julio Le Parc. A visionary.
KALIL LLAMAZARES, the illustrator behind the Sunday column of Francis Mallmann in the newspaper La Nación
Interview with Isabel Tassara founder of Coral Contemporary Gallery/ Opening in Miami
"Fantasy inside", images of Paris by Tatiana Liccia
About Proyecto PAC: Artistic endeavor in Contemporary times
Niki de Saint Phalle: a great feminist artist on the French Riviera
Organic movements and textures in the work of Carla Cascales Alimbau
Eve Pietruschi routes
Drawing explosion, Celina Baldasarre presents in the CCBorges “Conflict and Harmony”
"Declaration of appearance", the work of Juan Reos that speaks of the portrait in modern times
A hitchhiking to art- Interview to the French Rebecca François and Eve Pietruschi
« Carlos Alonso. Painting and memory » at the MNBA, Buenos Aires
"Juana de Arco" the spiritual in Argentine textile design
Contemporary display for porcelain
“The Present in Drag”
"The inhabited time" of PAULA CECCHI and PABLO NOCE
arteBA 2019- How to look, how to buy
Buenos Aires Art Week Opening
Art Week in Buenos Aires 2019
Illusion and Essence, in the work of Luciana Rondolini
What is PAN? - Introducing
Museums, libraries and gyms
Who left the door open?
Ruth Gurvich: Transiting the margins
Graffiti spring from the wall in new Peeta murals
Anne Luz Castellanos: The memory of tea
Great exhibition of Pablo Uribe in MNAV Uruguay